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Coronado Stone Products - Stone Visualizer

Multiple stone veneer styles and colors can be combined to create a custom appearance. Varying the percentage of each profile allows designers

to create drastically different looks, which enables further refinement of the style they’re trying to achieve.

Stone Combinations

80 Eastern Mountain Ledge - 20 Appalachian Fieldstone Veneer / Dakota Brown70 Eastern Mountain Ledge - 30 Minnesota Fieldstone Stone Veneer / Carmel Mountain - Wisconsin Blend50 Eastern Mountain Ledge - 50 Appalachian Fieldstone Stone Veneer / Madison County70 Split Fieldstone - 30 Eastern Mountain Ledge Stone Veneer / Lompoc50 Minnesota Fieldstone - 50 Tumbled Ledge Stone Veneer / Grey Quartzite80 Minnesota Fieldstone - 20 Eastern Mountain Ledge Stone Veneer / Wheat and Chestnut