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Coronado Stone Products - Stone Visualizer

Villa Stone Series 

Venetian Villa®: 

Italian Villa®:

Ledgestone Series

Old World Ledge:

Tuscan Villa®:

French Country Villa®:

Euro Villa:

Old Country Ledge:

Coronado Honey Ledge:

Quick Stack:

Sierra Ledge:

Virginia Ledge:

Eastern Mountain Ledge:


Sierra Ledge:

Mountain Strip Stone:

Tumbled Ledge:

Canyon Ledge:

Idaho Drystack:

Montana Ledge:

Weathered Edge:

Desert Ridge:

Ashlar & Rubble Series

Yukon Rubble:

Country Rubble:

Carolina Rubble:

English Rubble:

Santa Barbara:

Country Castle:

Belgian Castle:

Carribbean Coral:

Feathered Stone:

Princeton Granite:

Smooth Limestone:

Aegean Coral:

Chiseled Limestone:

Colosseum Travertine:

The Getty Stone:

French Limestone:

The Classic Series

8" Classic Jerusalem:

The Designer Series

Playa Vista Limestone:

The Wave:

The Lennox:

3" Split Limestone:


Irregular Shaped Stone Series

Minnesota Fieldstone:

Appalachian Fieldstone:

Split Fieldstone:

Viejo Ranch:

River Rock:

Creek Rock:

The Cut Stone Series

Pavilion Stone:

Canyon Cobble:

Valley Cobble:

Feathered Stone:


Thin Brick Series

Special Used Brick:

Wirecut Brick:

Belgian Brick:

Weathered Brick:

Adobe Brick:

Roman Brick:

Sicilian Brick:

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